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Loop Hero – How to Summon the Secret Boss

Loop Hero - How To Summon The Secret Boss

Loop Hero is an incredible game and at the end of each chapter there is a boss battle and the while the evil Lich dominates most of the game, there is a secret boss that discovered by fans of the game and shared on Reddit. While unlocking the boss is easy, defeating it is another matter. Nevertheless, you would want to know how to summon the secret boss in Loop Hero. Here is what you need to do.

How to Summon the Secret Boss in Loop Hero

One of the first prerequisites to summon the secret boss in Loop Hero is to complete the second chapter of the game, which is marked by defeating the Priestess. Once you are past the Act 2, you need to five cards each from the below list. Once you get 5 cards each of the below cards, you can spawn the boss on any act. Here are the cards.

5 Bloody Grove Card5 Vampire Mansion Card
5 Bookery Card5 Chrono Crystals Card
5 Battlefield Card5 Roadside Lantern Card
5 Beacon Card5 Temporal Beacon Card

Besides the above card, you will also require the Oblivion card to spawn the boss. You can use any of the 5 AOE cards and Oblivion card in your deck. As the boss can be spawned on any chapter, it does not matter where you have progressed in the game. In your loop, locate the “U”-shaped curve. Place the 5 AOE cards to create an overlapping effect. Once the cards are placed correctly, you will notice one of the tiles glow blue. You need to place the Oblivion card in the blue spot to summon the secret boss.

unlock secret boss loop hero

As we said, summoning and defeating the boss are two different things. This is easily the toughest boss in the game and you will need to bring more than 5 of the above-mentioned cards if you want to handle him. So far, we do not know if any player has defeated the boss. If you have, you can share the tips in the comments for our readers.     

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