How to Unlock More Characters in Darkest Dungeon 2

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Darkest Dungeon 2 is the latest rogue-like role-playing game released on 8th May 2023. As the sequel to Darkest Dungeon, this game has received considerable popularity among players. If you have played the game before, you know that players need to unlock characters to make their team powerful. Each character has strengths and weaknesses, and players must unlock them to progress through the game. If you are unsure how to unlock more characters in Darkest Dungeon 2, this guide will help you.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Character Unlocking Process- How to Do?

If you have been playing Darkest Dungeon 2, you are aware that the game is brutal to the players from the beginning. From the start of the game, there are enemies and bosses to deal with. So, you need to have powerful characters in your team to deal with them.

The character-unlocking process is an essential feature, and the game has various characters available with different strengths and weaknesses. All these characters are effective in different situations, so you must include them all in your team. At the beginning of the game, you will find four characters- Plague Doctor, the Man-At-Arms, Highwayman, and Grave Robber to be unlocked. These are the default characters you get in your team. However, several other characters, like Bounty Hunter, Jester, Hellion, Occustist, etc., will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Character Unlocking Process- How to Do

If you are unaware of the character-unlocking process in Darkest Dungeon 2, this guide will help you with it-

  • Collect Candles of Hope. It is an in-game currency in Darkest Dungeon 2 and the key item to unlock new heroes.
  • Go to Altar of Hope
  • Next, visit Living City
  • Interacting with it will open the list of heroes available. Select one from the list
  • Spend Candles of Hope to unlock their Hero Path.
  • Go to the Crossroads to select the newly unlocked hero.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock new characters in Darkest Dungeon 2.

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