How to Unlock and Use Bottle of Draconic Tears in Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai Star Rail is one of the newly released action-adventure RPGs by miHoYo. Like Genshin Impact, players have loved the gameplay of Honkai Star Rail and grinding through the game to date to find all the items, resources, and locations. Like every other RPG, Honkai Star Rail has tons of different items and resources to collect, and the Bottle of Draconic Tears is one of them. If you are confused about how to get it, this guide will help you.

Bottle of Draconic Tears Location in Honkai Star Rail- How to Get?

If you have been playing Honkai Star Rail for a few days now, you are aware that this game has numerous items and resources to get, and some of these items are required for different quests. If you have Genshin Impact, you probably have a good idea of how item sand resources work in miHoYo games.

Bottle of Draconic Tears is required to complete a hidden quest. Though it unlocks early during the quest, players can’t get the Bottle of Draconic Tears if they don’t know how to get it. So, if you need some help, follow the below process-

Bottle of Draconic Tears Location in Honkai Star Rail- How to Get
  1. Go to Xianzhou Luofu. Once you arrive, you will know about an NPC with plenty of items to trade. However, it requires Strale.
  2. Go to the NPC (Pawnbroker), and once you interact, you will receive a Dirty Mechanical part.
  3. Go to Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor and give the dirty Mechanical Part to the Vengeful Guy.
  4. In exchange for this, you will receive an Old Tin Box.
  5. Return to the Pawnbroker, and he will suggest you to go to the Exalting Sanctum.
  6. Go to the location and visit the bookshop to trade your Old Tin Box for A Bottle of Draconic Tears.

Now that you have earned the Bottle of Draconic Tears, you may get confused about how to use them. So, you have to meet an NPC named Howard. He is standing on the bridge a little away from the Pawnbroker. Go to him and give him the Bottle of Draconic Tears. The NPC will give you 10 Strale, 10 Steller Jade, and 5000 Credits.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use Bottle of Draconic Tears in Honkai Star Rail.

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