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How to Ping Target or Enemy in Battlefield 2042

How to Ping Target or Enemy in Battlefield 2042

If you have played some other multiplayer games such as Apex Legends you are familiar with the ping system and the Battlefield 2042 ping system works much the same way. It allows you to tag targets and locations. Once you ping a target and location, it becomes visible to other members of the team and they can come for assistance.

A ping system is an essential tool if you are someone that does not prefer voice chat. The ping automatically draws attention to the pinged objective. If you are wondering how to ping targets or enemies in Battlefield 2042, keep reading.

Battlefield 2042 – How to Ping Targets

Once you have pinged a location or an enemy, the ping remains for a short duration and is indicated on the team chat with the objective and the character makes a remark. When an enemy is pinged in the game, the marker moves on the head of the enemy, while for locations, the ping remains fixated.

To ping in Battlefield 2042, you need to press the ‘Q’ button on the PC, ‘R1’ on the PlayStation, and ‘RB’ on Xbox. So, to perform the ping, aim at the object you want to ping and press the exact prompt button on your respective device.

The success of the ping can be checked on the battlefield as you see the target marked or you can check the chat for the update on the ping.

So, that is how you ping in Battlefield 2042. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.  

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