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How to Get Sateen in New World

How To Get Sateen in New World

Sateen in New World is a very important resource that you will require for crafting armor, furniture, weapons, engineering items, and weaving. The armors that use Sateen are Stalwart Steel Armor, Stout Steel Armor, Rugged Steel Armor, Toughened Steel Armor, Hardened Steel Armor, Impenetrable Steel Armor, and Unyielding Steel Armor. Other items that require Sateen include Curved Grassy Rug, Silk, and weapons that use the item are Bow of the Dark Ranger, Steel Cartridge, and Thread of Fate.

Sateen is a valuable resource for a multitude of purposes in the New World. Hence, you would want to know the exact location to farm the resource. Stick with this post and we will show you how to farm Sateen in New World.

How to Farm Sateen in New World

Sateen is a Tier 3 cloth in New World that can only be obtained by crafting. To get Sateen in New World, you require two other resources – Linen and Solvent. For each piece of Sateen, you require 1 x Solvent and 3 x Linen. However, there is another important aspect to crafting Sateen. You cannot do it until you have progressed the Weaving skill to 20 or higher. You also require a Tier 3 Loom to perform the refining of the cloth and produce the item.

So, to craft Sateen in New World, the weaving skill should reach min level 20, you should have a Tier 3 Loom nearby, and requires Linen and Solvent.

Looms can be found all across the world and are marked on the map. They appear as a house on the map and should not be hard to find.

To craft Linen in the game, you need to find Hemp plants. You can easily find them in forests and grasslands. Even with low-level weaving skills, you can use the Loom to turn the Hemp plant into Fibers. 4 x Fiber gives you 1 Linen. Solvent on the other hand cannot be crafted and is found in crates and loot boxes.

So, that’s how to make Sateen in New World. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.

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