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How to Get Revolver (First Weapon) in Evil West

How to Get Revolver (First Weapon) in Evil West

Evil West is everything it promises to be, from intense action to gory visuals. As you start the game, you will find that you do not have access to any weapons, and you will end up doing much of the fighting with your fist. So, you must wonder where and how to get the first weapon in Evil West, which is the revolver, as shown in the post’s featured image. Suppose you are wondering when we will tell you exactly when.

How to Get the First Weapon in Evil West

Evil West does not have many missables and the first and second weapon is such. You will find the weapon as you play the game and close to 12 minutes mark. The weapon is accessible soon after you fight the two big grunts in an arena where Edgar is standing over the ledge; when you go down the river, that’s where the Rentier Revolver is introduced. Soon after, you will also be introduced to your rifle.

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So this is where you can get the first weapon in Evil West and start killing the creatures in style and from a distance. Some enemies are tough to kill in melee fights like the first boss, the ranged weapons such as the Revolver and the Rifle can be handy then. But you will still have to use your fists for much of the game.     

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