How to Fish in New World – Complete Fishing Guide

Harry S
Harry S

Fishing is a mechanics in New World that’s not part of any main quests or requests, but can be a good source of gold, especially if you catch rare fishes. You would want to catch fish for the gold coins it offers when traded and for food. There are various types of fish in New World. Some can be found in fresh water, while others in salt water. Depending on the type of habitat, the bait for each fish varies. In this fishing guide, we will show you how to fish in New World.

How to Fish in New World

To fish in New World, you require fishing rod and bait. The fishing rod can be bought or crafted via the Engineering Tradeskill. Once you have the fishing rod in your inventory, you can use it just like any other item. While you can try to fish without a bait, we doubt you will be successful. Using the proper bait will provide you bonuses for the catch.

To use the bait, pull out the fishing rod from the inventory and press Equip Bait, this will bring up a bait menu and you can select the bait you want to use. Baits are mainly categorized into Fresh Water Bait and Salt Water Bait. I don’t think there is any description required for which bait to use where. If you have chosen the wrong bait or want to try another because the current is not yielding, simply press the Change Bait option and the same menu will pop up again.

The process to catch fish in New World involves casting, hooking and reeling in the catch. Here is a brief description on each of the process.

Step 1: Casting

When you are ready to start fishing after equipping the rod and bait, hit the ‘Cast’ key and there would be an animation. You also have the option to choose the distance of the casting via the range indicator. Choose the distance appropriately. Some fishes can be found closer to the shore or bank, while for others you need to cast further.

Step 2: Hooking

Once the line is in the water, you don’t need to do much but watch for the float icon. All the next steps would be shown on the icon. When the fish is on the line a green loading indicator would show on the outer circle of the icon. Before the green loading indicatory expires, you need to hook the fish. If the fish is hooked successfully, you will see the icon glow with a tick.

fishing process

Step 3: Reel In

Finally, having caught the fish, you need to reel it in. This is the difficult part and you can see the line tension on the Tension Indicator. You would ideally want the indicator to be green, but if it goes to orange, loosen the tension or the line will break.

So, that’s how to fish in New World. You can follow the same process to catch any fish in the game. Just like much of the game, successful fishing boosts the fishing experience and as you grow on experience, you can expect to get better fishing spots and rare fishes.

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