Hitman 3

Hitman 3 All Door and Safe Code Combinations

Hitman 3 All Door And Safe Code Combinations

While there have been all-round good reviews for Hitman 3, it does not feel like a completely new title. Instead, DLC or bonus content for Hitman 2. But, that does not take away the fun from enjoying a master game series in the stealth genre. Hitman 3 has a lot of locked doors and safes as you would expect from a game where the protagonist has to complete stealth missions. If you know the codes for these doors and safes, you can get past them easily without having mull over them in-game trying to find the codes. So, keep scrolling and we will share all the doors and safe code combination in Hitman 3.

All Door and Safe Code Combinations in Hitman 3

We know that the game has six locations. Most of them have doors or safes that require codes. We have divided the locations and specific scene when you would require the codes. So, here are all the door and safe code combinations in Hitman 3.


Dubai is the first location in the game and was announced much earlier than other locations. Here are the code combinations to unlock doors and safe in Dubai.

  • 4706 – Door Code: The code is used in the Staff Area on floor 00. TO find the code in the game, you need to look at the whiteboard in the meeting room on the 00 floor.
  • 6927 – Safe Code: You can use this code in the Security Room on both floors. The code is to be used on the safe on the floor.
  • 7465 – Safe Code: The code can be used on floor level 05 in the safe in the Penthouse Guest Bedroom.


With the location Dartmoor, the game takes you to the south of England. There is just one locked safe at this location. Here is the safe code for Dartmoor in Hitman 3.

  • 1975 – Safe Code: You can use the code to open the safe with Case File.


The third location of the game, which is the Chongqing province of China also has the most number of door and safe codes. There are six locked vaults you need to open. Here are the door and safe codes for Chongqing in Hitman 3.

  • 0118 – Door Code: You can use the code at the ICA Facility entrance door. The code is for the container. And you can hear the code in the game if you get close to the container and hear people talking.
  • 0118 – Door Code: You can use the code at the ICA Apartment. There is the P41 form on the second level. To obtain the code in the game, you need to climb to the roof and hear the code in the answering machine.
  • 2552 – Door Code: The code can be used at theBenchmark Lab on the fourth level. The whiteboard of the building has the code in the game.

There are two other locked doors in Chongqing at the Hush’s Private Lab and Arcade, both of them have the same code as above – 2552.


There are two code combinations that you require for the Laser System and the safe in Villa Basement. Here are the safe codes for Mendoza in Hitman 3.

  • 1945 – Laser System: You will use the code to disable the laser system. In the game, you can overhear the guard talking to Sommelier and mention that the code is the same as the last year of WW2.
  • 2006 – Safe: The code is for a safe at the Villa Basement. You will need to open the safe to complete a challenge. You can overhear some guards outside Yateses Villa near the cliff.

Carpathian Mountains

Finally the Carpathian Mountains just has once locked door that you can use the code for. The code for Carpathian Mountains in Hitman 3 is as below:

  • 1979 – Door Code: You will have to use the code at the start of the mission. In the game, the code is on the poster at the left side of the door.

That’s all the door and safe codes we know so far that exist in Hitman 3. We will update the post if we know about the existence of other codes. If we have missed something, you can let us known in the comments.

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