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Fixed – Sea of Thieves Voice Chat Not Working

Fixed – Sea of Thieves Voice Chat Not Working

Sea of Thieves does not have a text chat feature in the game, which makes the voice the only medium to communicate with your fellow pirates; however, if this feature is not working or disabled, the game can become unplayable. Sea of Thieves voice chat not working should be fixed before you can truly enjoy the experience of the game. If you are facing this problem, follow our guide to resolve the error.

What Causes the Sea of Thieves Voice Chat Not Working?

The primary cause of the voice chat not working error in Sea of Thieves is not enabling the voice chat feature when the game is installed, fault with the headphone, and disabled “Push to Talk” option in the game audio settings. However, other reasons can also lead to error. Let try the Fix.

Fix 1: Turn on the Microphone on Windows 10

A large number of users faced this problem due to the turned-off access for apps to the microphone. Turning it on is a simple step. Here is how you can fix the voice chat not working error with Sea of Thieves.

  • Press Windows + I and select Privacy
  • Locate and select Microphone from the left panel
Toggle-on Microphone
  • Toggle-on Allow apps to access your microphone

Before you perform these steps, close the game Sea of Thieves. After completing the above steps, restart the system and try playing the game again. Check if the voice chat is still working.

Fix 2: Fix for Xbox Users

If you are on a Console, there is a bunch of fixes you can try to repair the voice chat not working problem. Let’s discuss the two most effective solutions that have successfully addressed the error.

Restart the Console and Reconnect the Audio Device

This is a simple solution. Close the game normally and power down the console. Disconnect the microphone from the console. Restart the console and connect the microphone or the headset, if prompted regarding the chat option grant access and start the game. Check if the error message still appears.

Adjust the Microphone Settings

Here is how you can adjust the microphone settings on the console. Follow the steps.

  1. Go to Settings in the Console and select Account
  2. Choose Privacy and online safety > Xbox Live privacy > Communication and multiplayer
  3. Choose Voice, text, invites
  4. The next step is to select App privacy after Privacy and online safety
  5. Now you can adjust the Microphone settings.

With these two fixes, most occurrences of Sea of Thieves voice chat not working can be fixed. We hope the error has been resolved for you and you are able to play the game again.  

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