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Fix Warzone Crashing to Dashboard in Verdansk Playlist on Xbox Series X|S

Fix Xbox Series XS Warzone Crashing to Dashboard in Verdansk Playlist

Warzone is a great Battle Royale, one of the best in the market, but like other multiplayer and Battle Royale games, it’s also a game that has a range of errors and bugs on all platforms. Ever since the launch of next-gen consoles Xbox Series X|S, users have been struggling to play Warzone. The game crashes to the Xbox dashboard. If you have run into the Xbox Series X|S Warzone crashing to Dashboard in Verdansk Playlist, there are certain things you can do to fix the problem.

Fix Warzone Crashing to Dashboard in Verdansk Playlist on Xbox Series X|S

Before we proceed with the solutions, you should know that the issue has been acknowledged on the Activation Black Ops and Warzone Trello and the issue is under investigation. However, we all know the devs have so much on their plate, it would be too long before the issue is resolved. Until then, there are certain solutions you can try to fix Xbox Series X|S Warzone hard crashing to Xbox Dashboard in Verdansk Playlist.

While the issue has been occurring with the game since the past year, the recent update a few weeks back escalated the problem and a lot of Xbox players started getting kicked to the Xbox Dashboard.

The most effective solution that’s come from the Reddit community is to reset the resolution to either 1440p or 1080p and disable the 4K and HDR10. You can find the settings in TV and Display Options for the resolutions and go to the Video Modes for 4K and HDR 10.

You can also try clearing the Mac Address, which is known to fix some other issues with the game such as Memory errors that started at the same time.

Some users have also confirmed that changing the resolution does not work and it’s in fact that the HDR10 that’s causing the issue. So, disable the HDR10. Here is a detailed step to do that > Head to Xbox Settings > go to TV and Display Options > Video Modes > Uncheck Allow HDR10 > Restart the device.

Hope the above solutions have fixed the Warzone crashing to Xbox Dashboard issue. If you have better solutions share them in the comments.      

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