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Fix Warzone Stuck on Checking for Updates Error (PC/ Xbox/ PlayStation)

The Checking for Updates error is nothing new in Call of Duty, and fans have been experiencing this error for a very long time. In this guide, we will see how to fix the error Checking for Updates in Warzone. 

Fix Warzone Stuck on Checking for Updates Error (PC/ Xbox/ PlayStation)

Players of CoD Warzone have been experiencing an error that pops up while loading the game, which makes them unable to log in for some time. Here we will see how to fix the Checking for Updates error in Warzone. 

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The Checking for Updates loading screen error pops up at random and makes players unable to play the game. This error has been around for years, and there is no definitive fix for it. This issue is also prevalent across all platforms, and it is quite a common bug. However, there are some tips you can try out to ease the issue of the Checking for Updates error. 

For PC

  • Check Server Status: Checking the game status for server maintenance, as this can lock you out of loading into the game. 
  • Repair Game Files: Broken or corrupted game files can hamper how Warzone runs on your PC. You can repair files by going to > Warzone > Option > Scan and Repair > Begin Scan.
  • Check System Requirements: Many times, if your PC does not meet the system requirements to play Warzone, the game will get stuck on the loading screen. 
  • Update your Windows and Graphics Drivers: If your Windows updates or Graphics Driver updates are lagging, then updating them might do the trick.
  • Check Internet Connection: Many times it could be a problem with your internet. If you think this could be the issue, you can restart your router or contact your network provider to whitelist CoD Warzone. You can also try using an Ethernet cable or switch to a Mobile Hotspot or other network to see if it helps.
  • Disable VPN: If you find your VPN to cause issues with the game loading, you can temporarily disable it and try again. 
  • Disable Antivirus/Firewall: If you find your Firewall or Antivirus to hamper how the game runs, you can disable it for the time being or include Warzone in the whitelist.
  • Clear Cache: Clearing the related data cache might help players log back into Warzone. To do this, open the Run command on Windows and type in %programdata%, %appdata%, and %localappdata% one by one, clicking OK after each command. This will open up different file explorer windows. Find the folders for Blizzard and, then delete them. 
  • Change game storage: You can try switching your game storage and installing the files in an SSD to see if it helps. 
  • Clear temp files: You can also clear out any temp files by using the Run command and typing in %temp% and Prefetch, clicking OK after each command. This will open up different file explorer windows. Select all the files here and delete them. 
  • Close Background Apps: if you find your background applications are hampering the gameplay, then you can open the Task Manager and delete the applications that are taking up too much space. 
  • Uninstall and Reinstall: Your next best bet is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Some players found out that leaving the game on the Checking for Updates screen, then coming back later, would automatically resolve the issue on its own. You can also try to restart your system and try playing the game some other time.

For Console

  • Check Network Connectivity: If your internet is not in good condition, you will need to contact your network provider for options. You can also swap to an Ethernet cable or try a different network.
  • Check System Requirements: If your console does not have enough storage space or does not meet the requirements to run Warzone, then the game will not work.
  • Clear Files: Before attempting to clear files, you should back up all your game data to cloud storage or an external HD. 
    • For PS4: Settings > Storage > System Storage > Saved Data > Warzone > Options > Delete > Saved Data Files > Delete.
    • For Xbox One: Settings > System > Storage > Manage Storage > View Contents > Warzone. Now go to Menu > Manage Game > Saved Data > Warzone. After this, head over to the Options Menu > Delete files
    • For Xbox X: Press the Xbox button on your controller and go to Profile and System on your screen. Select Settings > Device and Connections > Blu-Ray > Persistent Storage > Clear.
  • Clear Cache: To clear your console cache, power down your console and unplug it from its socket. Wait for 30 seconds to a minute, then plug it back in and power it up. 
  • Check for Updates: You can check if Warzone has any pending updates by manually heading over to the download sections/ Games and Apps, and starting any update. 

These are some ways you can disable the checking for updates error in Warzone. If all else fails, you can contact the support team to raise the issue. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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