Fix Warframe Update Failed Error

Fix Warframe Update Failed Error

In our opinion, the most frustrating bugs are the ones that keep you from ever getting started with the game you like. Errors of the “unable to update” kind are by far the worst, especially for modern games like Digital Extreme’s Warframe, an online multiplayer shooter, which requires the latest update to play. The “Update Failed” message has been encountered by many players over the course of the game’s existence. In case you’ve encountered the “Update Failed” error in Warframe, today we’ll show you how to resolve it.

What is Warframe Update Failed Error?

A lot of players who are trying to get the update for Warframe are running into an Update Failed error. This is a tricky bug, the reason being that it could be caused due to a number of reasons. It is tough to identify which one is the exact cause of the issue.

How to Fix Update Failed Error in Warframe

The “Update Failed” error in Warframe can be resolved in a number of ways, therefore I will detail them all in the hopes that one of them will work for you. We suggest that you try these fixes in the order they are listed.

  • The game launcher, be it Steam or Epic Games, should be restarted. The game client will be forced to re-establish a connection with the game’s server.
  • Play as an administrator by clicking the corresponding box in the game’s settings. Select “Run this program as an administrator” from the Compatibility menu, then “Change settings for all users” and “Apply” from the shortcut’s Properties menu. By doing so, your game’s write permissions will be saved along with it, hopefully resolving the issue.
  • Turn off any virus protection software temporarily. Restart after updating.
  • Ensure that you have a working internet connection. If your Internet isn’t working, you should first make sure that all of your connections and Ethernet cables are secure.
  • Launch CMD and enter the following commands one by one:





  • The Windows C++ Redistributable Libraries should be reinstalled. Click Start, then Control Panel, then Programs and Features and lastly, go to the Uninstall tab.  Browse to where you installed Microsoft Visual C++ and select the Modify button. Click on Repair when prompted to do so.
  • Remove DirectX and reinstall it. Get the setup file from the developer’s site. Just restart your system after installing.
  • The Bulk Download feature can be disabled in the Warframe launcher’s Settings menu. If the update was successful, turn it on again from the settings of the launcher.
  • Try switching back and forth between languages on the Warframe launcher. This may seem like a bizarre fix, but we assure you that some players reported that it worked for them.
  • Choose Verify on the Warframe launcher’s Download Cache menu.
  • Get the update using a VPN. This should be a last resort.
  • Additionally, just to be sure, you could check if any update is available for your Windows because it can be the root cause if the OS has not been updated in a while.

That was all for this guide on how to fix Warfram Update Failed error. To check out more content related to Warframe, click on this link. You can also read various articles on many titles and tech from our homepage. Thank you for reading this article.

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