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Fix Unable to See FIFA Points in FIFA 2021 | Missing FIFA Points

Fix Unable to See FIFA Points in FIFA 2021 - Missing FIFA Points

A lot of AAA titles this year have been impacted by server strain leading to errors and bugs in games. And it seems FIFA 2021 is the latest game to join the list with server problems even before the launch of the game. EA Play was virtually rendered service-less for a brief time due to server problem caused by users flocking to download FIFA 21. However, the server has been restored to its normal working condition. But, a new problem has surfaced that making players unable to see FIFIA points. If you have also encountered the issue where you are unable to see FIFA Points in FIFA 2021, we have everything here you should know about the missing FIFA Points.

Why are FIFA Points Not Showing Up in FIFA 21 | Missing FIFA Points Bug

Some players have taken to Reddit to report that they are unable to see the FIFA Points while in-game. Here is what the developers have to say about the issue in a Tweet, “Not seeing your FIFA Points? Our advisors aren’t able to grant them right now, but we’re working on a fix that will get you your Points soon. We’ll post updates as we have them.”

The reason you are not seeing the FIFA points is the same due to which the EA Play was experiencing a glitch. And it is not good news for the game, which is yet to release and more players will be rushing to download and play. As such, there is little you can do on your end to resolve the issue on your end. We just hope that the developers fix the issue soon and it does not become a problem when the game releases.

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