Fix Twitch ‘Error occurred drop was not claimed’

Over the past few years, watching Twitch streams have become a mandate to receive bonus items in games be it beta keys, unlock digital items, and more. However, the Twitch ‘Error occurred drop was not claimed’ error is preventing players from collecting the reward for spending several hours on Twitch. If you have encountered the error with Twitch Drops, stick around and we will help you fix the error.

Fix Twitch ‘Error occurred drop was not claimed’

Although it’s been a while since we encountered the Twitch ‘Error occurred drop was not claimed’ message, we did encounter it when we were trying to access the beta of Valorant. Since then, the issue has been widespread with a variety of message. Another message that you might see is the “Drop claim has failed. Please try again.” There are a variety of messages that prevent players from claiming the Twitch drop. If you face a similar situation, these are the solutions you can try.

  1. You are not getting the drop because of a simple initialization problem or a glitch of the Twitch website. Re-logging may resolve the issue. So, log-out and login again.
  2. Ensure that your Twitch account is linked to the game account you are trying to get the reward from.
  3. Ensure that you are eligible for the item. Some drops might be exclusively for new players.
  4. Although it’s rare, sometimes either the game or Twitch may be facing issues due to which you are not getting the drop. You can check the game’s Twitter handle for more information.
  5. Besides that, the streams’ chat is also a good place to identify any issue with the drop as other players would be reporting it.

That’s all we have in this guide, hope the Twitch drop not working issue has been resolved by any of the above solutions. If you have a better solution, you can share them in the comments.   

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