Star Wars: Squadrons

Fix Star Wars Squadrons Black Screen Problem

Fix Star Wars Squadrons Black Screen Problem

Star Wars Squadrons pits players as part of the two powerful force in the Star Wars universe. But, excited players who jumped into the game are reporting a range of error and bugs. The Star Wars Squadrons Black Screen problem may appear as a game breaking bug, but the solution for it is quite simple. The black screen appears irrespective of whether you are playing on VR or not. Some players encounter it during character customization while other experience it during or after the first cutscene. You can also encounter it at launch. Fortunately, there is a simple fix for the problem. Scroll down for more.

Fix Star Wars Squadrons Black Screen Problem

Generally, when you encounter an error with the game, the first step users take is to reinstall the game, but don’t take such a drastic step just yet. Black screen in games mostly occur due to a graphics settings problem, specifically the resolution of the game. The same is applicable in this case. Changing the display resolution to 1920×1080 has solved the issue for a lot of players. The error occurs when you are using a 4K display.

Another fix you can try to resolve the black screen, launch the game normally and wait for the black screen to appear, when it does, simply press Alt + Tab to exit out of the game and get back into the game. it may appear simple enough, but several users were able to resolve the error by simply doing that.   

The third solution we suggest is playing the game on Windowed mode, this is another go-to fix for black screen in games and seems to work great in this case as reported by players on Reddit. Due to the black screen you may not have access to the in-game menu to set the game to windowed mode. However, the Alt + Enter perform the same function. So, when you encounter the Star Wars Squadrons Black Screen, simply hit the Alt + Enter key and you should be able to play the game without any issue.

Finally, if the above solutions fails to yield, you may have to reinstall the game to fix the issue. Scroll down for more guides on the game, specifically the crash at startup post. It can provide you with additional solutions that could be causing the black screen.    

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