Fix Scavengers Stuck on Connecting to Mother

Fix Scavengers Stuck on Connecting to Mother

Being unable to get past the connecting to mother screen in Scavengers can be a frustrating situation as that’s basically the first thing you see and only when you get past the screen can you play the game. When the screen says connecting to mother, the game is trying to establish a connection between the client and the game server. Being an always online multiplayer title, it’s crucial that you are connected to the servers before you can play the game. Hence, if you have encountered the Scavengers stuck on connecting to mother screen, here are a few things you can try.

How to Fix Scavengers Stuck on Connecting to Mother

With issues related to the server, it’s always a great idea to first verify the status of the servers. Quite a number of error codes including the game being stuck at loading screen occurs when the servers are experiencing outage, glitch, or some other problem. You can verify the status of the servers at the official twitter account of the game.

Scavengers Connecting to Mother

Once you know the servers are not the issue, there are a few things you can do to fix Scavengers stuck on “Connecting to Mother.” It’s been noted by the moderators of r/Scavengers that incorrect date and time of the system leads to the issues. As such, the first solution you should try is to set the date and time correctly.

  1. Close both the game and the Steam client before you proceed with the fix.
  2. Press Windows Key + I and click on Time & Language
  3. Toggle On “Set time automatically” and “Set timezone automatically”
  4. Now, restart the system to apply the settings to the game and the Steam client.

For most users, this simple tweak of the system’s time and region should resolve the issue. However, it’s not a universal fix and a lot of users may still have Scavengers stuck on Connecting to Mother. Fortunately, there are a few other solutions you can try before getting in touch with the developers.

If setting the auto clock didn’t work for you. Try hitting the Sync Now button below and check if that makes any change. A user on Reddit has reported that setting the time and date manually fixes the problem, so you can try that as well. Just toggle off the two we set on in the previous step and click on “Set the date and time manually.”

At the time of writing, these are the solutions that have worked for users. However, you can also try rebooting the system and the network hardware in case there is an issue with your internet connection. Hopefully, the developers will get to the bottom of the bug soon and it will be resolved in the next patch.   

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