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Fix Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,104,397

Fix Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,104,397

This year has been great for multiplayer and battle royale games from Warzone, Valorant, Hyper Scape, to the latest entrant from Hi-Rez – Rogue Company. The game is currently in early access, but, as with early releases and beta games, users can encounter a range of errors from server problems such as the error code 1,000,018,808 and 1,000,101,898 to the Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,104,397. We do not much about the error codes except the message displayed with the error.

Hopefully, as the game matures we will know more about the cause of the errors and possibly a list of all error codes in Rogue Company. Until then, you have to resort to the fixes suggested by users. At this point most of the errors in the game are server-side issue and resolve on their own. However, if you have encountered the error code 1,000,104,397, here is what you need to know.

Fix Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,104,397

From user reports, it appears that the Rogue Company error code 1,000,104,397 is excusive to Xbox users, but that does not mean it won’t appear for players on other devices. The error mostly occurs when you have been struggling to log-in to the game for long duration and the error appears. Unlike other errors in the game, this particular error does not seem to resemble a problem with the servers, but that’s still too early to confirm.

Users who were able to fix the issue restarted their console. So, a complete restart should fix the issue, which suggests it could be a bad cache or initialization problem. Hence, if you are facing trouble login-into Rogue Company, you should restart the device. It’s also important that you have the latest software for you Xbox as well as the game, which should imitate automatically after you restart.

If nothing else works to fix the error, you have one final option i.e. to reinstall the game. This should definitely work to resolve the error. But, if you are hesitant to reinstall, we suggest you wait for a few days or the next patch and if that does not address the error code 1,000,104,397, then, you will have to reinstall the game.

If you want further help or more input on the error code, you could also go to the twitter handle of the game or raise a request with the Hi-Rez support.      

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