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Fix Planet Zoo: Africa Pack Crashing At Title Screen or Mid-Game

Fix Planet Zoo Africa Pack Crashing At Title Screen or Mid-Game

New content has finally arrived in Planet Zoo. You can update the game now with the Africa Pack and the update 1.6 to enjoy a range of new content. But, as eager fans rushed to the game, it’s been reported that the DLC may crash your game. There are numerous threads on Reddit reporting Planet Zoo: Africa Pack crashing at title screen or mid-game. For some the game crashes and freezes, while other are crashing as soon as they hit start game. Some users are able to play for a while before the Planet Zoo shuts down. If you are one of the players who have been caught amidst the ongoing issue with the game, here is what you can do.  

How to Fix Planet Zoo: Africa Pack Crashing and Crash at Startup

There are a range of mods available for Planet Zoo and as the new update is pushed, one or more of the mods may not be compatible or have difficult with the new DLC and it’s crashing the game. This is not a cause that has any official acknowledgement, but it’s most likely. Other causes include, corruption of game files during installation. Here are some of the solutions we suggest to fix Planet Zoo: Africa Pack crashing at startup or mid-game.

  1. The first thing you must do if the game is crashing is remove all the mods and then try to launch the game. While the fix may not help everyone, some users will be able to launch the game after removing the mods.
  2. If the game files are corrupted, you can either reinstall the game or verify integrity of game files. Start by verifying the integrity of game files. Failing that, we suggest that you uninstall the game completely and install it again. To verify the Integrity of Game files:
    • Launch Steam and go to Library
    • Look for the game, right-click, and select Properties
    • Go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  3. Another thing you would want to avoid is to perform too many actions at a time, this can lead the game to crash. Just perform an action and wait for it to be over. Don’t spam too many things at one time.
  4. The final solution we suggest may not be that appealing, but deleting the save and restarting the game with a new zoo seems to work for some users. I understand this is an unacceptable fix because you would lose all your work up until now. So, wait for the devs to address the issue.

So, these are the best solutions for the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack crashing at title screen or mid-game. While the solutions will help some users, they are not universal and the devs will have to patch the game to remove the issue from the game. We will keep this post updated when we have something new. If you have a solution to share, please drop them in the comments.   

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