Fix Outriders Server Communication Error

Outriders is a great game, but currently going through a lot of problems. While some of the issues with the game are patched such as crashing, the server errors with the game persist till this day, 16-days from the release of the game. One of the most reported problems is the Outriders server communication error. This is the worst among all the errors because it does not just kick you out of the game, but you usually lose all game progress and inventory. Players are tired of getting this error and hindering the game progress. Here is what you need to do if you encounter this error.

How to Fix Outriders Server Communication Error

To fix the Outriders server communication error, ensure that you have installed the latest patch for the game. Yesterday, the developers released a new patch that’s supposed to prevent the game from wiping out your inventory. It will still not prevent the Server Communication Error, but the progress and inventory loss should not occur. At least that’s what claimed by the developers.

If updating the game does not resolve the issue, there is no known workaround or fix for this error as it’s not caused by a fault of your own. If you are getting this error and have lost inventory, there is some assurance from Square Enix as they have promised to be working on a fix that would bring back the lost inventory.

The patch released yesterday does not bring back the lost inventory. However, we are still to see how it impacts the server communication error. The devs are working on resolving such issues with the game and hopefully, a permanent solution comes soon.

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