Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 6f8ce31b

Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 6f8ce31b

NBA 2K has a lot of error codes and they are all quite similar to one another. The worst thing about the error codes is there is little indication of what users need to do, the devs don’t have an official list that explains the error codes. Every year, one or more error codes are rampant and while 2K22 is less buggy than last year except for Series X with the crashing problem, there are a few error codes that have emerged in the past 48 hours. One of them is the NBA 2K22 Error Code 6f8ce31b. When you get this error, you will be booted from the game. Here is all you need to do to fix the 6f8ce31b error code.

NBA 2K22 – How to Fix Error Code 6f8ce31b

The NBA 2K22 Error Code 6f8ce31b is the most irritating of all error codes as there is not much to go with in the first place. While there are some solutions to fix the error, they are not guaranteed. We will share the solutions that have worked for other users and with some luck, they may work for you as well.

When you encounter the error, the first thing you should do is reboot everything from the console to the network hardware. If luck favors you, the game may not give the same error again. A few users tried this fix and it worked.

Finally, the solution that seems to have helped the most users was to delete the game completely and download it again. If you get an error message saying data corruption, reboot the console and the issue may be gone.

If the above solutions did not work, your only option is to wait for a few hours before playing the game and hope the issue is fixed. Last year, error code 6f8ce31b could be fixed by simply leaving the game for a few hours or days. Not much of a solution, but at the time there is nothing more you can do. We will update this post when we have more solutions.

Meanwhile, if there is something that worked for you, please share them in the comments for other users to try.    

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