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Fix Marvel’s Avengers Slow Loading | Optimize to Speed Up Long Load Time

Fix Marvel’s Avengers Slow Loading - Optimize to Speed Up Long Load Time

It can be excruciating waiting for the game to load, especially on missions that are shorter than the load time. Ever since the release of the game, a lot of players have been complaining of the Marvel’s Avengers slow loading into missions. But, is there a fix for the long load time? Yes, there certainly is. Most of the players who experience the problem are on low-end devices or barely meeting the system requirements to play the game. Nevertheless, ensuring a few things will resolve the slow loading and speed up Marvel’s Avengers load time on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

How to Speed Up Marvel’s Avengers Load Time

The first thing you must do to improve the Marvel’s Avengers load time is to install the game on SSD. Programs installed on SSDs run significantly faster than HDDs. If you are playing the game on PC, transfer it to a drive that is SSD, internal or external. Console users can also transfer the game to an external SSD. As the report of such problems are rare on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X users, you may consider changing the device if that’s an option for you.

Reducing the graphics settings for PC players would definitely see an improvement in the load time of the game. PC players can tinker with a lot of things to improve the performance of the game and ultimately reduce the Marvel’s Avengers Slow Loading time. This includes changing some of the graphics card settings from the Nvidia or AMD Control Panel. Just turn everything off and turn them one at a time to see which settings impacts the load time the most.

Additionally, you could also consider overclocking the graphics card for better performance. If the drivers and Windows is updated that could be a cause of the problem. So, ensure all drivers on the system are up-to-date.

Besides that, you should also have the latest DirectX Version and adjust the power settings for performance. Go to Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings and select the High performance.

Hopefully, the developers would soon release a patch that fixes the Marvel’s Avengers slow load time, but there has been no acknowledgement of the issue so far on the official Twitter handle of the game.

For users on console, you could consider buying upgrading to the next-gen devices the Xbox Series X and PS5, but that would require some patience. Until any of the two happens, whether you upgrade the device or the developers resolve the issue, our solutions are your best bet. That’s all we have in this guide, do check our other guides on Marvel’s Avengers for more error resolution guides and tips on the game.        

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