Fix Madden 22 ‘Server Cannot Process Your Request’ Error

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

When attempting to play specific modes in Madden 22 players may run into an error. The Madden 22 ‘Server Cannot Process Your Request’ error. A lot of players have been getting this error with different modes of the game. The complete error message reads, “Our servers cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later.” When you see the error, do not take drastic measures such as reinstalling the game as it will likely not resolve the error. Stick with the post and we will share some effective solutions for the error.

How to Fix Madden NFL 22 ‘Server Cannot Process Your Request’ Error

As with any error related to the server, there is always the chance that something on the server end is causing the error. Hence, when you see the error, it’s recommended that you verify the status of the servers. Here are a few places you can verify the server status:

If there is a server problem with the game, it would be reported on the above links. When the servers are fine, one of the below solutions may work to resolve the error.

At the game’s current stage, it’s more likely that the error is caused due to a server issue. The EA Twitter support has acknowledged the issue and assured they are working on a solution.

A simple solution that works to resolve the error is to unlink and relink the console account. The solution works for all platforms PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Login at with your credentials
  2. Go to the Account Settings and locate the unlink option
  3. Unlink your PS4 or Xbox Account (Revoke Access)
  4. Now, on your console launch the EA Play
  5. It will request to link the account, choose Yes
  6. Once you are at the Main Menu of the game, close the game and start again.

Hard Reset the Console

A glitch with the cache on the console can also be the cause of the Madden NFL 22 ‘Server Cannot Process Your Request’ error. Hard resetting the console clears the cache and can potentially fix the error. To hard reset the console > turn it off > remove the power cords > press and hold the power button for 10 seconds > attach the power cord and start the console.

Reset the Router and Clear MAC addresses

We reset the router or modem for the same reason we reset the console. The process is the same as above. So, go ahead and hard reset the modem. If that does not resolve the error, cleaning the MAC addresses should do the trick.  

Unfortunately, if the above solutions did not work there isn’t much you can do to fix Madden NFL 22 ‘Server Cannot Process Your Request’ error. Your best hope is to wait it out as the problem may be on the server end or get in touch with EA support. We will keep an eye on the issue and update the post accordingly. If you have a specific problem or solution, share them in the comments.  

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  • What I found that works is to go to madden game on Home Screen push the 3 line button on controller, go to manage game and add one. Once here go to saved data and delete the data for your profile. Make sure you pick delete all data not just the data on your console. After I did this MUT 22 worked just fine and you will still have all your progress on MUT. Nothing will be lost.

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