Fix Killing Floor 2 Bugsplat Error

Killing Floor 2 Bugsplat Error

If you love blood and gore, Killing Floor 2 is just the right game for you. Recently, the game released an update with new map. However, an old error has resurfaced with the update, the Killing Floor 2 Bugsplat Error. If you have encountered this error, you have come to the right place. We will help you resolve this error and get you back in the game. Let’s begin with the fixes.

If you try the listed fixes, it will not just resolve the Bugsplat error, but crash at startup and other launch issues as well as black and blue screen. So, here are the fixes.

Fix 1: Alter the KFEngine.ini File

To locate the file, you have to follow this path Documents\My Games\KillingFloor2\KFGame\Config. Once you arrive at this location, open the KFEngine.ini file and set the value of the below particulars to 0.

  • [Core.System]
  • MaxObjectsNotConsideredByGC=0
  • StaleCacheDays=30
  • MaxStaleCacheSize=0
  • MaxOverallCacheSize=0
  • PackageSizeSoftLimit=0

Save the changes and exit. Try launching the game.

Fix 2: Delete the Game Folders

If the above fix did not work, you can delete the entire game folder in Documents. To perform the steps, head over the Documents folder on your computer. Look for the folder named Killing Floor 2. Delete this folder and attempt to launch the game. Under most circumstance, the game will launch fine without the Killing Floor 2 Bugsplat Error.

These two fixes can effectively resolve the error. If you have a more effective solution, let us know in the comments.  

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