Fix Halo Infinite Black Screen

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Halo Infinite is the first-person upcoming shooter game. The final version of this game is likely to launch around November 2021. However, its preview beta version is just released. Some of those lucky players who got a chance to enjoy Halo Infinite in the preview Beta version are having a black screen issue that prevents them from playing. And that’s nothing new as such issues occur in several other beta games as well. If you are amongst those players, here you will find the best possible solutions.

How to Fix Halo Infinite Black Screen

There are many players are reporting on Reddit as well as on other social media platforms that they can only see a Black Screen with three dots on the top corner of the screen. It seems that Halo Infinite game is stuck on the loading screen and so the players are not able to access the main menu.

In order to fix this issue, players have already tried many possible workarounds including restarting the game, uninstalling and installing the game, and so on, but they failed.

However, one of the users has shared one unique solution which we are going to reveal.

– Wait for some time on a Black Screen and you will see a Dump Tool running on the screen. 

– Just close that using Task Manager and wait for some more minutes and your game will be launched. 

Do not forget to check that game must be using a certain amount of CPU before ending the task.

Thus, have patience and keep on trying to re-open the app and keep trying to get into it until the game is launched successfully without any problems.

Unfortunately, as of now, this is the only solution to fix the Halo Infinite Black Screen issue. Do not forget to check out the next post – Fix Halo Infinite ‘Update Needed” Error on Xbox.

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