Fix Fortnite ‘Failed to query for Tournament Rules’ Error in Thanos Cup

Fix Fortnite 'Failed to query for Tournament Rules' Error in Thanos Cup

Players participating in the Thanos Cup may encounter the error message, “There was a problem. Failed to query for Tournament Rules’ or ‘We hit a roadblock. Failed to query for Tournament Rules.’ This isn’t a new error message for events in Fortnite and players may be familiar with it. If you getting this error message, it means you cannot connect to the Fortnite Thanos Cup servers. But, can the problem be fixed. Here is what you need to know about the Fortnite ‘Failed to query for Tournament Rules’ error.

How to Fix Fortnite ‘Failed to query for Tournament Rules’ Error

Can you fix the problem with the tournament, the answer is no, but repeated attempts to join is known to bypass the error, but that’s when there is no problem on the server end. If you have tried a few times and cannot join the Thanos Cup tournament, go to the Twitter handle of the game and check if there is a known issue with the tournament.

When the event first become live, players in Asia were unable to participate. This led to Epic postponing the event to the next day. So, if you are seeing this error message, the first thing you should do is check if there is an ongoing issue with the servers in your region.

The cause of this error is the popularity of the game. As millions of players jump into the event, the severs can run out of capacity and fail to facilitate new players. Reattempting to join can help you bypass the error as there may be new slots available as players leave the tournament.

So, to fix Fortnite ‘Failed to query for Tournament Rules’ error, simply reboot the game and retry or join the game after some time when there is less strain on the servers.

After the even on 26th, Thanos will be available in store as a playable character with all the gems in his possession. So, that’s something to be excited about.    

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