Fix Destruction AllStars Stutter and Lag

Lag and Stutter on the PS5 is not an uncommon issue. Several AAA titles have had the problem on the Sony’s next-gen console. Users have reported the issue with popular games like FIFA 21, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Black Ops Cold War, Godfall, and old games like Warzone. The Destruction AllStars stutter and lag is ruining the experience of users as the collisions are not registering and it’s impacting the win or progress to the win in the game. But, on the PS5, there is little you can do to improve the stutter. As such, you must be wondering if the issue is fixable or would you have to wait for a patch. Keep scrolling and we will share some simple solutions to fix the stutter and lag.

How to Fix Destruction AllStars Stutter and Lag

There are a few reasons why the Destruction AllStars stutter and lag is caused. We can confirm it’s not a problem with the PS5 or the game. One of the primary reason that can cause the game to lag and stutter is if you have an unreliable internet connection. Even when your bandwidth is fast enough, initialization and bad files can clog the speed of the router or modem causing games to lag.

However, with the current situation, for most users the game is stuttering and lagging due to an issue with the server that’s caused by the large number of players jumping to play the game. Destruction AllStars is this year’s first free release for subscribers of PS Plus. As such, a large number of players would be downloading and playing the game. The game is multiplayer, which means the servers could be struggling to cater to the large number of players leading to glitches such as Destruction AllStars stutter and lag.

Players are reporting all types of issues with the game such as wrecks of opponent’s vehicles not registering, warping through the map, but the predominant issue has been lag. As most problems with the game at this time is caused by a problem with the servers, there is nothing you can do on your end. The developers will have to look into the issue and either improve the connectivity for players or expand the size of servers. Even if the developers don’t do anything, the problem should resolve in the next few days as interest in the game fades away and the curious downloaders stop playing the game.

As mentioned above, if the problem is with your connectivity or internet device that can very well cause the Destruction AllStars lag. Hence, you must ensure that the connectivity on your end is not the issue. In order to verify the connection, try playing other online games for about 15 minutes and then, return to Destruction AllStars. You can also run an internet speed test to be sure you are getting the ideal bandwidth speed.

If the problem persists, hard reset the network hardware. To perform the hard reset, turn off the modem or router, remove the power cords, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, reattach the power cords and start normally. Reboot the PS5 and launch the game.

Hopefully, the above solutions have resolved the Destruction AllStars Stutter and Lag. If you have a better solution, let us know in the comments.  

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