Fix COD Black Ops Cold War Error Code 80070057

Black Ops Cold War has had its fair share of bugs and errors, but most of them were either resolved by the community or through the patch prior to season one. However, with multiplayer titles, there is always the possibility of a new bug or error surfacing. The COD Black Ops Cold War error code 80070057 is an issue players have been reporting since the past few hours. The started approximately three hours prior to writing the post and seems to impact a large number of players. There was a small patch during this time, which suggests the patch likely caused a glitch.

For players who encounter the problem, they face it when trying to access the game’s multiplayer or while in-game. If you have encountered the error, keep scrolling and we will suggest some workaround and fixes.

Fix COD Black Ops Cold War Error Code 80070057

So far, we haven’t had news from Activation or Treyarch about a patch, but it’s confirmed the error is a result of the change the developers made. Treyarch has responded to a thread with the problem and suggests that you boot the game or the system. As the patch was released, if you have not updated the game the issue could be arising. Just reboot the game and download the small patch. That should fix the COD Black Ops Cold War error code 80070057.

While the above solution does work for some players, it’s not a universal fix and others have reported being unable to launch the game after installing the patch. Players who are unable to launch the game get the crash error with message suggesting ‘Scan and Repair,’ but as always that does not help. Updating the graphics card driver is also suggested to some players, but in vain.

As users have tried almost every possible solution possible, the ball seems to rest in the developer’s court. The problem is definitely with the changes made to the game and no amount of trying, players haven’t been able to get past the error.

If you are wondering, you are not alone in this issue, thousands of players have been reporting the issue in the last few hours. Since the error is so widespread, we assume a hotfix should be in the works at the developer’s end. So, if a reboot of the game does not work, you do not have any other option than to take a break from the game. We will keep this post updated as we hear more about the error and any possible solution. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions that can help others, please share them in the comments.

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