Fix Black Ops Cold War Negative CoD Points

It can be a frustrating situation when you launch the game and find that the premium CoD Points have disappeared, but not only have they disappeared, they have turned negative. Players who encounter the situation might be wondering why the negative points, and does it mean that you owe money to Activation. Fortunately, that is not the situation and it’s just one of the many glitches in the new installment of the Call of Duty series. And like several glitches, we also have a quick and easy fix for the Black Ops Cold War negative CoD points.

Fix Black Ops Cold War Negative CoD Points

Black Ops Cold War has a range of errors and bugs, but the negative CoD points is different as not only do your existing points disappear, but they turn negative points. The issue seems to occur on PC and with the Battle.Net client. Fortunately, Activation is aware of the glitch and will resolve the issue in an upcoming patch, but until then we have a simple solution to the problem.

To fix the Black Ops Cold War Negative CoD Points, you simply have to reboot the game. The developers have assured that the player’s CoD points value is still intact, but the glitch is preventing it from displaying on your screen. Once the hotfix is applied, the issue should be resolved and the player will be able the original value off the CoD Points.

As you have to spend real-world money to by the CoD points, a lot of players were anxious and would require a permanent solution soon, but the assurance that your current CoD value is not deleted comes as a massive relief. While the developers look into the issue, you can simply restart a new game whenever you encounter the negative CoD points glitch.

However, given the current situation with the game and the range of glitches and errors, the developers have their hands full with issues to resolve and it may take a while before a hotfix for the issue is released. Other errors players are encountering with the Battle.Net client includes the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 and BLZBNTBGS00000BC6.

If you encounter the above errors with the game, refer to the guides. We hope that the above guide has been helpful and you are as eager as us for the Black Ops Cold War Warzone. You can bookmark our website if you encounter issues with Warzone when it releases on Dec 10.

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