Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares – How to Defeat Zo’Aurc, Explicator of Planets

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Kirthana K

The Root of Nightmares raid event is ongoing, and there are three tough bosses you will face as part of the raid. The Root of Nightmares event will test your skills against each of them, so unless you have worked on your build, you won’t get a chance to survive. The first boss you will encounter is Zo’Aurc, the Explicator of Planets, and before you can get to them you need to solve a short puzzle. In this guide, we will see how to solve the planetary puzzle and defeat Zo’Aurc in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares – How to Defeat Zo’Aurc, Explicator of Planets

Zo’Aurc is the first boss encounter you will meet in the Root of Nightmares raid, but the boss is locked behind a puzzle that you need to solve. Here we will see how to solve the planetary puzzle and unlock the boss Zo’Aurc in Destiny 2.

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When you enter Zo’Aurc’s lair, you will find several planets surrounding the arena. To solve the planetary puzzle, take a look at the three planets in front of you.

How to Solve the Planetary Puzzle Solution in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

You will notice that the one on the left side has a brighter planet with light emitting from it, while the one on the right is darker and looks like a void. Your task here is to arrange all the surrounding planets into two groups, light and dark. All the light planets should be placed on the left side, while the dark planets should be placed on the right side.

The only way you can figure out whether the planet is light or dark is to fight a particular type of Cabal enemy. But before we go into that, you should know how the arena is arranged. There are four triangular smaller arenas covering the sides of the main central arena. Each triangular mini arena has three planets at the tips of the triangle, so that would make it 12 planets that you need to arrange.


In the middle of the four triangular mini arenas is a hefty-looking Cabal called the Terrestrial Lieutenant that will give the Planetary Insight buff if you kill it. This buff will grant you the ability to differentiate the planets between light and dark. The only way the Terrestrial Lieutenant Cabal will spawn is if you have defeated the four Honored Centurions that spawn in the area along with the rest of the Cabals

Now, the next part will require some teamwork. You need to move the light or dark planets to their respective position. If you are on any of the two triangular arenas on the left side and you spot a dark planet, you need to draw it to the right side. During this, your partner on the right side has to swap a light planet to the left side in your slot. You have to do this simultaneously for this to work so that you have an empty slot to place your planet and the teammate will take over the slot you emptied.

To drag the planet, you will find a circular orb below the planet that you can interact with and drag to the other side. Repeat this step on all four triangular areas to align all the planets. It is best to get into this arena as a team of 6, so you can assign four members to swap the planets while two members take out the enemies and are tasked with ad clearing. Once all 12 planets are aligned, the Zo’Aurc Explicator of Planets will spawn.

How to Defeat Zo’Aurc in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

Once Zo’Aurc is summoned, you will notice the planets in the middle arena form a glowing pattern. Usually, the combination would be two light planets with one dark planet or two dark planets with one light planet. Whichever the combination is, you and your team should drag the corresponding planet color and place it on the plates in the central arena at the same time. You just need to assign three players for it, as you need three planets. But you cannot take two of the same planets from the same triangular arena.

So if the pattern is two light and one dark, then two players should go to the left side, and each of them should pick up the planet from different triangular arenas. The player picking up the dark planet can pick it from any of the right-side triangular arenas and dunk it into the center.

After that, you will enter the damage phase. Here, Zo’Aurc will change color depending on light or dark. If the boss has an orange glow around them, then you and your team should find the orange glowing portal on the floor and stand on it. After that, you can shoot them down using your best weapons. If the boss starts glowing into a faint purple color, then you need to move on to the purple portal and attack them. Keep shifting and shooting the boss with all you got till you can ultimately take them down and end the battle.

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