Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares – How to Complete Nezarec Encounter

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

The final round of the Root of Nightmares raid is the Nezarec encounter. This is the final boss of the event, and the rules of the arena are similar to what you have encountered previously. With teamwork, you can quickly navigate through the arena and bring down the boss quickly. In this guide, we will see how to complete the Nezarec encounter in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares – How to Complete Nezarec Encounter

Luckily the final encounter does not require you to solve any complex puzzle, but you and your team need to split up and get the buffs. Here we will see how to complete the Nezarec Encounter in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares.

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You will have to split your team of six into two groups. On one side of the arena you can find light nodes, and on the other side are dark nodes. You will gain buffs from shooting the nodes, which will help you defeat the final boss.

One player from the group should go around and activate all the nodes on their side, while the other two are in charge of adding clearing. Eventually, the Nezarec boss will be summoned, and you can get the buffs from the nodes and use them against the boss.

Additionally, you can also get the Light Refugee and Darkness Refuge buffs for additional damage. For that, you need to be under the influence of either Flux of Darkness or Field of Light, and shoot the node opposite to their buff. For example, if you are under the influence of the Flux of Darkness, you need to find and shoot down inactive light nodes to get the Light Refugee buff. You will also be led to the correct nodes by following the arrows, and you can quickly find them this way.

One thing you need to pay attention to is Nezarec’s shoulder. If the wings change color, you need to shoot it down with the recommended buff. Flux of Darkness and Darkness Refuge will deal additional damage when the wings are orange, so you should do the opposite when the wings are white or purple. This will help remove the Nezarec’s Hatred debuff which will push your team off the edge of the arena.

You have 30 seconds before Nezarec becomes immune to your attacks, after which you have to repeat the process. Also, Nezarec will be focused on the player who attacks closest to it for 10 seconds, so you should work as a team to take turns and lure him for the attack.

If you follow all these steps, you can quickly bring down Nezarec and beat the level’s timer to complete the Root of Nightmares raid.

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