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In this category on Game Error Support, we cover everything to enhance your gaming experience with the Steam application from errors to how to’s.

Fix Windows Cannot Find Steam.exe

March 4, 2020 By Harsh Clif

Windows cannot find Steam.exe is an error message that appears when you try to open the Steam client through the desktop shortcut on Windows 10 or other versions of the OS. This error also appears if you try to open Steam using the .exe file in the installed folder. Your basic troubleshooting will reveal there […]

Where is the Steam Screenshot Folder?

March 4, 2020 By Harsh Clif

The Steam Client is an indispensable gaming apparatus for any gamer using PC. Not only does it allow you to play a wide range of games, but you can also take a screenshot of games while playing them. You only have to press F12 and the screenshot is taken, unless you have changed the default […]

Fix Steam Content File Locked

March 3, 2020 By Harsh Clif

Often times when you are updating a game on Steam, you might be faced with the error message “An error occurred while updating [game] (Content file locked).” The error message means that Steam has failed to install the update files on the disk. There are various causes that lead to the Steam Content File Locked […]