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Can You Fix Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements Not Unlocking

Can You Fix Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements Not Unlocking

Players of marvel’s Avengers on Xbox One are complaining of some achievements not unlocking after they have completed the objective such as the final ‘Secret Achievement,’ but the list of unlockable achievements is long. This bug is only impacting Xbox One players, while PS4 and PC seem to be fine. So, the ultimate question how do you fix the Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One achievements not unlocking. Stick around and we will tell you what you can do about the bug and if it’s mendable.

How to Fix Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements Not Unlocking

The good news is the developers are aware of the issue faced by Xbox Players and we can soon expect a patch that addresses players on Xbox One not being able to unlock achievements. But, until then continue to play the game don’t stop as the achievement you obtain may be unlocked with the patch. Unfortunately, there is no workaround to this problem.

After some investigation on Forums, we found some threads where users contacted the developers with the issue. The response was, the problem will be reviewed and corrected. Hence, if you are facing such a problem, keep a watch-out for a patch or update. It might come in today as said by the game’s support agent.

I know it’s not much of a resolution, but at least they know of the problem, which usually means a small size patch that would instantly fix the Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Achievements Not Unlocking and you will be able to play like the bug never happened.

There are a number of achievements that cannot be unlocked, but there is a clear pattern. Missions that require you to complete multiple tasks besides the main story usually have the unlockable achievements such as Super Hero Business, Gold Star Success, Tentative Peace, Treasure Trove, A Surprise Every Time, Honeycomb Hideout, To the Dark and Back Again, Holding It Down, Information Overload, Wanting for Nothing, Odds and Ends, Savior of the People, and more.

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