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Can you Fix Apex Legends Store Not Working Bug

Can you Fix Apex Legends Store Not Working Bug

The Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy update is rolling for users around the world, but it’s causing more issues than usual for the game. There are all kinds of bugs and error with the game. Connectivity problems have spiked, but that’s not all, player’s inventory is getting wiped and the store is not working. If you have been caught amidst any of these issues we’ve got all you need to know. The Apex Legends store not working bug is caused due to a server issue. Keep reading to know more and the ETA on the fix.

What is Apex Legends Store Not Working Bug?

With the launch of new season Legacy, its normal for players to want to purchase currency and battle pass from the store, but the Apex Legends Store not working bug is preventing players from performing the action.

Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment is aware of the issue and working on a fix. In the past 24 hours, they have resolved a number of issues and the Store bug is on top of their list. Here is what they had to say on Twitter via a Tweet 3 hours ago, “Our team is still working through issues with our store, inventory, and Battlepass system. If it looks like your unlocks, purchases, and Apex Coins are missing, don’t worry. It’s a temporary display issue that’s a result of our ongoing efforts to get things back up and running.”

Here is the tweet thread you can follow for further updates.

So, rest assured, all your currency and items purchased would be back once the developers fix the Apex Legends Store not working bug.

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