BitLife – How to Find a Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Mama

 BitLife – How to Find a Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Mama

If you wish to live a lavish lifestyle without the hassle of finding a job, then you can find yourself someone who can indulge you and get married to them to live the life you always dreamed of. Finding a sugar daddy or sugar mama can get you far ahead in life, and it is even better if you marry them to get their inheritance. In this guide, we will see how to find a sugar daddy or sugar mama in BitLife.

BitLife – How to Find a Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Mama

Finding yourself a sugar parent will be the easiest way you can get enough cash and get set for life. Here we will see how to find and marry a sugar daddy or sugar mama in BitLife.

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To start, you need to be born with high looks and high health. If you are going for a sugar daddy, you should be choosing female as the gender, or male for a sugar mama. Having high happiness can also be beneficial, especially if you want to make your partner happy. While growing up, when you get access to a plastic surgeon, you should work on your looks bit by bit to increase your look meter. Be careful not to do a lot of plastic surgery, or else the risks will increase.

Next, when you are just out of high school, join a dating app and put your age preference above 60 or 80, and the salary should be set to 100K. Once you get an offer, accept it. After that, you should do everything to make them happy, like spending time with them, offering gifts, and making out. Eventually, you can start asking them for money. You should try to marry them quickly, so you can either ask your sugar parents for cash to buy a ring or ask your family and friends. Once you have a ring, propose to them and get married without a prenup.

You can now live a lavish lifestyle by asking your spouse for money and spending their money only. You can also divorce them to get everything they have for yourself or wait for them to die of old age to get everything as an inheritance. You can also murder them to speed up the process, but that will land you in trouble later on. If you divorce them or if they die, you can repeat the process to hook up with another sugar parent.

That’s all there is to know about finding a sugar mama or sugar daddy in BitLife. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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