Best Pokemon for Decidueye Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

The upcoming 7-star raid for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, this time, is Decidueye, the stunning ghost owl of Alola. You’ll need to bring some strong Pokémon to defeat this winged archer because it can be a formidable foe even when it doesn’t have the support of a 7-star raid. These attacks are difficult, and taking them down requires a well-trained Pokemon with EVs, as well as a strong squad.

This seven-star variant of Decidueye has a soaring Tera Type and is a grass/ghost typing. You should therefore bring an Electric or a Cold Pokémon. Make sure your Pokemon are not vulnerable to the grass and spirit typing moves Decidueye will use while the Tera Type is in flight.  So it’s very important to decide on the pokemon you choose for this fight. That being said, this article should help you out.

Best Pokemon for Decidueye Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Iron Hands 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Iron Hands Tera Raid build

Due to its resistance to all of Decidueye’s techniques and ability to use potent electric strikes like Thunder Punch, Iron Hands is a fantastic alternative for Decidueye. The poor basic defence of Decidueye makes a move like Thunder Punch extremely damaging. If you combine this with Belly Percussion, you should be able to defeat the Pokémon easily. Train your Iron Hands in attack and health with EV. While using Belly Drum, you can give it a Shell Bell to give yourself more restorative choices.


Given its electric/dragon nature, Miraidon is a strong opponent for Decidueye. Charge and Electro Drift are two techniques you should use to inflict as much harm as you can on Decidueye. EV train the health and attack of your Miraidon. Due to Decidueye’s strong basic stat, you might need to use a move like Metal Sound to reduce its special defence. 


Magnezone! by SmashingRenders HD wallpaper | Pxfuel

Another great choice is Magnezone, whose electric/steel nature will significantly counteract Decidueye’s advantages. Magenzone can perform the task with the help of moves like Metal Sound, Thunderbolt, and other electric and steel moves thanks to its high HP condition and robust defence. If you have no other choice, Magenzone is a powerful candidate even though the other two Pokemon are superior choices due to their greater attack strength.

With these above pokemons, you have a strong chance of surviving in the raid against Decidueye. 

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