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Battlefield 2042 Servers are Down Now

Battlefield 2042 Servers are Down Now

Servers going down can always be frustrating when you want to get on a game or are playing and get disconnected. But, maintenance usually brings a lot of good stuff like bugs and errors fix, so it’s always welcome. In a planned move which DICE announced earlier the server have gone down at the time of writing.

DICE has already revealed that today the servers would be going down for 60 minutes. During this time, you won’t be able to play the game and will get a variety of errors from the unable to connect to EA server, simply stuck at the loading screen, or the backend server not found.

There is no need for troubleshooting as the servers are down. While the duration of the downtime is 60 minutes, it may take a bit longer so if the game does not launch after the given timeline, don’t panic and be patient.

We hope that the maintenance would bring some much-needed stability to the servers and eliminate bugs and errors. The full game releases tomorrow at this same time, so the devs may be potentially releasing a patch as well. Ensure to update the game once the maintenance is over (if there is an update.)

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