Where to Find Lightning Harp Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

Where to find Lightning Harp Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

Lightning Harp Crossbow is a random gear drop in Minecraft Dungeons. A ranged weapon, it shoots sprays of lighting powered arrows at the enemy, suitable to tackle large mobs. In your quest to defeat the Arch Illager and save the world from his expanding empire, the Lighting Harp can come handy. But, it’s a random drop, which means like much of the loot in the game we do not know the exact location where you can find the gear, but we have a very good idea and if you read the guide, we can show you where to find Lighting Harp Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons.

What is Lighting Harp Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

The Lighting Harp Crossbow is a ranged weapon that you can find as a gear drop as you explore the various levels of the game. It’s rarity is unique and has an overall power of seven. It shoots multiple projectile and has a chance to ricochet. Some Enchantments that go really well with the crossbow are:

  1. Infinity – Increases the chance of replenishing arrow as its shot.
  2. Ricochet – The arrows shot at mobs can ricochet.
  3. Chain Reaction – Chance to fire five arrows all in one direction.
  4. Rapid Fire – Increases the speed of attack.
  5. Multishot – Grants the ability to fire five arrows at once.
  6. Piercing – Arrows can pierce through enemy mobs affecting more than one enemy.
  7. Radiance Shot – A 20% chance to heal allies in the circle.

How to Get Lightning Harp Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

You can either get the Lightning Harp Crossbow from the Blacksmith in your camp or during missions. To increase your chances of getting the crossbow, play the game in Apocalypse difficulty. Even when you go to the Blacksmith, you may not get the crossbow as it’s a random drop. There are players who have been able to obtain it from the Blacksmith, but to be straightforward I didn’t have the same luck. However, the game has two missions where you most certainly can get your hands on the crossbow. The levels where you get it as random drop is Soggy Swamp and Highblock Halls.

Missions that have the Scatter Crossbow in the loot table offers the Lighting Harp Crossbow as a random drop. So, if you go to the two missions – Soggy Swamp and Highblock Halls, you would see Scatter Crossbow listed in the gear drops. So, these are the missions you can farm for the rare crossbow.

Now, once you have the crossbow and assuming you already have completed the game and have access to the Moo Level, there is no better place to use the crossbow. It’s simply spectacular mowing through herds of mushroom infected cattle with the Lighting Harp Crossbow and Enchantment magic we shared above.

To Conclude

The Lighting Harp Crossbow is a unique drop in Minecraft Dungeons and one of the best Ranged Weapons. After going through the post, you know that the gear can be found in Soggy Swamp and Highblock Halls. So, get the crossbow and have fun with the game. The two DLC updates would soon arrive so watch out for them.  

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