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Where to Find Gypsum Kiln Locations in New World

Where to Find Gypsum Kiln Locations in New World

New World is one of the most popular MMORPG worldwide. It is a survival game where players need to collect items and craft their weapons, cook food, and other materials essential for survival in the hostile world of the New World.

Gypsum Kiln is a newly added crafting item added in the 1.1.2 version of the game. Gypsum can be crafted at any Kiln Station, but it needs Gypsum Orb, and Gymsum Orb can be crafted into Gypsum Casts. This whole process takes place in a Kiln Station. This guide helps you know where to find Gypsum Kiln in New World.

Locations of Gymsum Kiln in New World- How to find?

As we have already mentioned, Gypsum needs a Gypsum orb, and Gypsum Orb can be crafted at Kiln Station. Therefore, the players must locate the Gypsum Kilns in the New World. Because Gypsum is a high-level item, the kiln Stations can also be found in the regions that come at level 60. Below we are discussing the locations to find Gypsum Kilns in New World


Edengrove has two Gypsum Kilns. One is in the middle part of Last Stand Outpost, and the other is on the eastern town of Valor Hold outpost.


In Reekwater, the Gypsum Kiln is located on the west side of the town, near the bridge.

Ebonescale Reach

Ebonescale Reach has the Gypsum Kiln located in the middle of the area.

Shattered Mountain

Shattered Mountain has two Gypsum Kiln- one is on the east side of Mountainrise Outpost, and the second is at the center Mountainhome Outpost.

Great Cleave

Great Cleave also has two Gypsum Kilns- Eastburn Outpost and Cleave’s Point. Both of these Kilns are easy to locate.

That’s all you need to know about the locations of Gypsum Kilns in New World. Once you locate the Gypsum Kilns, interact with them as you do with other crafting stations to craft Gypsum Cast. So, if you are looking for Gypsum Kilns in New World, check out our guide to get the required information.

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