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Where to Find Elden Ring Academy Scroll Location

Where to Find Elden Ring Academy Scroll Location

Talking to various NPCs in Elden Ring will tell you more about the Lands Between. They will sometimes give you quests and offer some rare rewards in return. In this guide, we will see where to find the Academy Scroll in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Elden Ring Academy Scroll Location

The NPCs in Elden Ring are important as they can guide you throughout your journey in the Lands Between. They also give you important items in exchange for completing certain quests. You will also learn a lot from them, so if you find them, it is not a bad idea to engage in conversation with them. Here we will see where to find the Academy Scroll and what to do with it in Elden Ring.

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The Academy Scroll of Raya Lucaria can be given to NPC Sellen, and she will teach you more spells and sorceries. To get your hands on one, you will have to keep going far north of Limgrave, all the way to the bridge in Stormveil Castle’s east. Look below the ledge at the platform that is closest to the cliff. Follow this path till you come towards the Church of Irith. Keep going northeast towards the Site of Grace, then head over to Lake Facing Cliffs. Walk over to the gravestones and defeat the undead enemies there. Keep walking till you come across a large gravestone, bigger than the surrounding gravestones. Look around it and you will get the Academy Scroll.

Handing over the Academy Scroll to Sellen the Glintstone Sorcerer and she will teach you new Sorceries. The Academy of Raya Lucaria is also the place where she studies. You will also get the Great Glintstone Shard and the Swift Glintstone Shard as rewards.

That’s all there is to know about where to find the Academy Scrolls in Elden Ring. If you liked this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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