Where to Find All Fishing Spots in V Rising

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Fishing becomes available after defeating Rufus the Foreman in V Rising, the second opponent designated with the Altar of Blood. This provides players with a recipe for a Woodworking Bench and a fishing rod, which they may use to spend their nights fishing at various spots in the world.

This provides players with the recipe for a Woodworking Bench and fishing rod, allowing them to blissfully whittle away the night by fishing in specific spots. Fishing gives resources for vampires as well – even if it isn’t your favourite sport, players will ultimately have to make time for fishing.

Fishing supplies vampires with a critical resource for survival – fish oil – so even if it is not your favourite hobby, you will have to make time for it sooner or later. This article will teach you how to fish in V Rising and where to fish.

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Finding Fishing Spots in V Rising

Unfortunately, players cannot fish wherever on the map; nevertheless, certain areas on the map feature bubbling water, allowing players to fish. Currently, twelve locations have been identified.

Farbane Woods

Farbane Woods, which is totally covered in woods, is the beginning site for V Rising. Take note that the fish’s noses are pointing to a certain fishing location. Three fishing holes have been discovered here.

Dunley Farmlands

One could expect Dunley Farmlands, being the second-largest territory within V Rising, to have the second-highest amount of fishing. Dunley Farmlands currently offers only two viable fishing sites, making other places a better alternative if you’re wanting to angle. However, rarely does not imply nonexistent.

Hallowed Mountains

The Hallowed Mountains are located immediately northeast of Farbane Woods and provide a few unusual places to die. This region, riddled with snow, bears, and wolves, is ideal for cultivating certain resources in between bouts of fishing. There are two fishing places nearby.

Silverlight Hills

Silverlight Hills is one of the smallest areas accessible right now, but it’s still outrageously big. There are just five fishing places inside these boundaries, but they are prominently positioned enough to warrant getting out the old rod between frantic clashes.

Many of the typical survival game activities are included in V Rising, but with a gothic horror twist. Fishing is one of the most significant activities in the game that players must complete in order to get resources for crafting.

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