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When will Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode Come

When will Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode Come

Treyarch has already confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is getting a Ranked Play mode. But fans need to wait until 2023 to play the Ranked mode. In this mode, they enforce the ruleset of the CDL. There will be limited weapons, SnD, Hardpoint, Control, and 4-person teams. With this competitive ruleset, an ELO system will allow players to ascend and descend their ranks. Treyarch also has explained that the Panked mode of MW2 will include competitive game modes, skill ratings, skill divisions, special rewards, and a top 250 leaderboard.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode Release Date

The Ranked mode of Modern Warfare 2 will be released in 2023, probably in the middle of January. By that point, the competitive settings will include a basic ELO system with ranks and a map pool for every mode. However, it is not yet clear what Gold, Silver, and Diamond will be called in Modern Warfare 2. They maybe go with something Specialist, Elite. And Advanced.

Before the release of the Ranked mode, players will get the playlist CDL Moshpit in the 1st Season. It means Treyarch will shut down Ranked play in Vanguard and League Play in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Players must grab their remaining rewards by 22 November in both titles.

What Will be the Competitive Setting in Call of Duty’s Ranked Mode?

In the Ranked mode of Call of Duty, players need to use the competitive settings that will bring the team sizes down to 4. It will restrict all nonsense that makes COD pubs unbearable. However, we don’t have the competitive settings yet for 2023. But according to every COD’s competitive settings, that setting may include;

  • Players will have one sniper per team with an SnD. However, snipers are totally banned in Control and Hardpoint.
  • Marksman rifles, Battle rifles, LMGs, Riot Shields, and Shotguns will be banned.
  • Cruise Missiles will be allowed only.
  • All Tacticals, Lethals, and Field Upgrades will be banned except for the Frag Grenades, Stuns, Dead Silence, and Smokes.
  • In Hardpoint, players will be allowed two Trophy systems per team.
  • Popular perks like Overkill, Ghost, and High Alert will be banned.
  • Several attachments will be banned.

Well, this setting is only a possibility. Players should wait for a full official list.

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