What Makes Vampire Survivors So Addictive

 What Makes Vampire Survivors So Addictive

Even though Vampire Survivors was released in 2021, the absolute popularity of this game gained only in 2022. And in December 2022, Valve announced that Vampire Survivors became the most widely played video game on Steam Deck. Nowadays, finding a gamer who has not played Vampire Survivors is pretty challenging. Read this article, and you will find out what makes Vampire Survivors so addictive.

Why Is Vampire Survivors So Addictive?

It might seem that Vampire Survivors is one of the video games that can not be played for a long time, but the reality is different. Many people notice that Vampire Survivors has reallyа addictive nature. The more you play the game, the more it attracts you, sucking your time daily. Moreover, people report that they can not find an alternative and give up playing Vampire Survivors. 

One of the main reasons why Vampire Survivors is so addictive is simplicity. You do not need to put any effort into learning all in-game mechanics in Vampire Survivors. The game is casual, and you can dive into it as soon as you start playing it.

Also, the game has clearly defined short-term and long-term goals. It is nearly impossible to notice how the specific desire to survive oncoming hordes transforms into a desire to get all-in-game characters and finish all achievements, spending hundreds of hours in the game. Once you reach the specific in-game goals, you get pleasure and the desire to play the game more and more, gradually reaching new and new goals.

The last reason is that the game’s price is measurable $5, meaning that you can afford Vampire Survivors even if you are a kid. Moreover, the game does not even have buttons, making it the perfect option to relax at the end of the day.

That’s it with the addictive nature of Vampire Survivors. Keep in mind that you have to be pretty careful not to get addicted to the game. Also, check other articles on our website about Multiversus, CoD Warzone, and many other video games.

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