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Warzone 2 DMZ ‘Deliver 20 Gas Cans to Dumpster Dead Drop at Train Depot Between Al Safwa Quarry & Rohan Oil

Warzone 2 DMZ ‘Deliver 20 Gas Cans to Dumpster Dead Drop at Train Depot Between Al Safwa Quarry & Rohan Oil

While playing Warzone 2 DMZ, you should complete various exciting missions. They differ from each other by difficulty, the time you should spend on completing them, and the requirements. And by reading this guide, you will find out how to deliver 20 gas cans to Dumpster Dead Drop at Train Depot between Al Sawfa Quarry & Rohan Oik. There is no time to lose. Let’s get started!

How to Complete Dead Drop Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

The fact is that delivering 20 Gas Cans to Dumpster Dead drops is a necessary part of the Dead Drop mission. By doing it, you will get Traveler’s Luggage Key and 10,000 EXP, which is a pretty good reward for completing quests. And the only problem with this mission is that it is pretty hard to find where you should deliver the lethal equipment. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out all 6 locations where Gas Cans can be delivered. 

Dead Drop Location 1

The first location is the northwest side of the map, near the hospital and the gas station. This area is far away from the central locations in the DMZ mode. Therefore, it would be best to get here using a vehicle.

Dead Drop Location 2

The second location is in the middle of Sayed City. Here you should look for a bridge with white arches and look left toward Alleyway. In the cross-section between houses, you can find the second location.

Dead Drop Location 3

The third location is just in the middle of the map, near the power tower. It is one of the most active PvP areas in Warzone 2. Therefore, you should be pretty careful when you are here.

Dead Drop Location 4

The fourth dead drop takes you to the southeast of the map. As well as location 1, location 4 is a remote area with no enemies. However, you should have a vehicle to get here.

Dead Drop Location 5

Location 5 features the most south Dead Drop in Warzone 2. Honestly, this location is pretty tricky, as a mission marker will surround you while you are here. Also, there is destroy bomb mission close to it. So, you will find various enemies here.

Dead Drop Location 6

The final Dead Drop location is just near the shopping mall. It is a straightforward area, but you should include the fact that there might be some enemies here.

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