Valheim – How to Craft Artisan Table, Blast Furnace, Spinning Wheel and Windmill

Valheim - How to Craft Artisan Table, Blast Furnace, Spinning Wheel and Windmill.

According to the developers, the Artisan Table is a magical item that can be used to craft magic things. Valheim requires you to constantly craft new items and tools that help you get stronger and survive against increasing difficulty in the game. So far, the Mountain biome has been posing all kinds of challenges for players. After you have managed to get warn, gotten resources like Silver, Obsidian, killed wolfs and other creatures, you will eventually come to the Moder, the boss of the biome. The Moder is key to unlocking the Artisan Table and other essential things in the game. So, keep scrolling and we will show how to craft the Artisan Table, the Blast Furnace, Spinning Wheel, and Windmill in Valheim.

How to Craft Artisan Table in Valheim

To craft the Artisan Table in Valheim, you will first have to summon the Moder boss, which requires 3 dragon eggs placed at the altar. Once the boss is summoned, beat the Moder and she will drop the Dragon Tear among other things. The Dragon Tear is key to unlocking the Artisans Table. Once you have the tears, you can use it and other resources to craft the Artisan Table.

Once you have made the item, you can use it to make the Blast Furnace, the Spinning Wheel, and Windmill.

Keep reading and we will show you how to make the other advanced items in the game.

How to Craft Blast Furnace, Spinning Wheel and Windmill in Valheim

Craft the Blast Furnace

After you are through with the Plains biome, it’s likely you would have killed a Fuling or two and they have dropped the Black Metal Scrap. You need to covert the Black Metal Scrap to usable metal using the Blast Furnace to craft weapons like Black Metal Atgeir, Black Metal Axe, Black Metal Sword, Black Metal Knife, and Black Metal Shield. Besides this there are other uses of the item in the game. So, once you have the Artisan Table made, you next goal should be to craft the Blast Furnace.

How to Craft the Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace

To craft the Blast Furnace, you require the Artisan Table, 5 Surtling Core, 10 Iron, 20 Stones, and 20 Fine Wood.

Craft the Spinning Wheel

One of the main usage of the spinning wheel is to derive the Linen thread that can be used to craft items like the Black metal sword, Black metal knife, Black metal axe, Padded helmet, and Porcupine Mace.

How to Craft Spinning Wheel
Spinning Wheel

Once you have the Artisan table, you can also craft the Spinning Wheel with other easily acquirable resources. The Spinning wheel uses another resource that is hard to come by. It uses Flax at the back to convert it into Linen Thread.

Craft the Windmill

The Windmill is used to convert Barley to Flour, which can be used in a variety of recipes that can fill the stomach and help you regain strength. One of the main requirements to create the Windmill is to have an Artisan Table. Once you have that, you can easily craft the Windmill.

How to Craft Windmill

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know now, how to craft the Artisan table and blast furnace, among other things in Valheim.  

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