Updated 5-Star DPS Tier List in Genshin Impact Version 3.4

Amay De
Amay De

The introduction of Dendro in Sumeru vastly shifted the DPS meta in Genshin Impact and now that we’re well deep into Sumeru, we’ll look at the new DPS meta in the era of Dendro.

Dendro’s introduction is Version 3.0 Sumeru was revolutionary for the gameplay and combat of Genshin Impact. Suddenly a whole new tapestry of team comps and reactions opened up for players to explore, use and take advantage of. Dendro is the king of elemental reactions and one of its most commendable achievements is finally buffing Electro as an element for good.

In this article, we’ll look at the new updated 5-star DPS tier list in the Dendro meta. We’re already in Version 3.4 which means we’ve had plenty of characters released to make up for the missing Dendro roster before Version 3.0. We also have DPS units of other elements that synergise best with Dendro. With all these changes, here’s what we think of the current 5-star DPS meta.

Dendro Meta 5-Star DPS Tier List in Genshin Impact 3.4

The Dendro element is unique in that it plays a universal role in buffing elemental reactions in general. This has allowed something unimaginable to take place in the DPS meta of Genshin Impact: you can now build a team with only support units and still dish out DPS comparable to meta DPS teams. These all-support teams can take on the hardest abyss floors and clear them with relative ease- solely due to Dendro and Dendro elemental reactions.


In S-Tier we have the new DPS meta in the era of Dendro. Many of the following units used to be ranked lower but due to Dendro they have now become widely used and almost indispensable if you have them.

  • Alhaitham: Strongest Dendro DPS in the game with DPS comparable to the likes of Hu Tao and Ayaka.
  • Hu Tao: She remains the strongest Pyro DPS and the strongest single-target DPS in the game.
  • Raiden Shogun: A Hyperbloom Raiden Shogun can now keep up with the usual Hypercarry ER Raiden before Dendro dropped in Sumeru.
  • Yae Miko: Her EM-scaling finally makes sense and can now be used in full effect alongside Dendro in Aggravate and Hyperbloom teams.
  • Nahida: The Dendro Archon can be played not only as a sub-DPS and reaction support but also as a main DPS in Spread teams.
  • Ayaka: She remains the strongest Cryo DPS in the game.
  • Ganyu: She only stands second to Ayaka in terms of her Cryo DPS and she can also be used as a support and sub-DPS.
  • Xiao: He remains the strongest Anemo hypercarry in the game despite the release of Wanderer.


In A-Tier, we have characters that can substitute comfortably into DPS roles. Most of them also play support or sub-DPS roles as and when needed. The following characters might not have the DPS ceiling of S-Tier ones but they still pack a punch.

  • Yelan: She can be played as both a main DPS and support or sub-DPS. In both roles, she was already arguably one of the best but Dendro buffed her even further with Bloom reactions. 
  • Wanderer: While he may not be a Xiao, Wanderer is still a solid Anemo hypercarry. He has more problems than Xiao and may need more investment and skill to play which is why he’s in this tier and not S-Tier.
  • Childe: Arguably the strongest Hydro DPS in the game and even in the Dendro meta he’s unmatched due to his fast Hydro application which lets him comfortably trigger more Blooms.
  • Nilou: She broke Bloom reactions and in a pure Bloom-comp she’s a very powerful F2P-friendly unit but her lack of flexibility in any other team lands her in A-Tier.
  • Keqing: Dendro buffed her up to A-Tier due to her easy and reliable Electro infusion and her role in Aggravate teams due to her fast attacks which apply Electro quickly.
  • Itto: He’s the strongest Geo DPS in the game.
  • Ayato: His strength is comparable to Childe but Ayato’s more flexible and thus an easier unit to use with relatively the same DMG ceiling as Childe or Yelan.


In B-Tier we have reliable DPS units that are by no means great or groundbreaking- but they get the job done just fine.

  • Cyno: He’s a recent DPS released in Version 3.1 and while he’s a decent Electro DPS in Aggravate or Hyperbloom teams, he still has a lot of problems which land him in this tier.
  • Tighnari: The first Dendro DPS in the game, Tighnari is a standard banner 5-star with reliable DPS in Spread teams.
  • Eula: While her nuke and overall damage numbers aren’t bad, the fact that she’s a Physical DPS lands her in this tier since Physical units have long become outdated.
  • Diluc: He remains a reliable Pyro DPS even to this day.
  • Yoimiya: She’s a very reliable Pyro DPS in single-target scenarios and is one of the most used characters against the world and weekly bosses- especially by casual players.
  • Kokomi: She would be in S-Tier if this list was just about the Dendro meta but as a DPS, she lands here as her main role is that of a healer.


In C-tier, we have characters that can be used as main DPS but are hardly ever used as such anymore. Most of them play much better roles in support or sub-DPS positions.

  • Klee: Klee has long been outdated due to her clunky and ineffective kit.
  • Jean: Jean is a great healer and a sub-DPS but she just doesn’t provide that much utility or usage in the current meta.
  • Albedo: He’s one of the two Geo units that are still functional in Dendro teams. Albedo’s EM buff and sub-DPS make him a reliable flex slot in many Dendro teams.
  • Kaedehara Kazuha: While he would certainly be in S-Tier in terms of utility or support, as a DPS, Kazuha ranks low.


In this tier, we have characters that can be built as DPS but they were intended for support and sub-DPS roles. 

  • Zhongli: He would rank much higher if this was a list about the Dendro meta or supports category. As a DPS, Zhongli isn’t viable.
  • Venti: Similar to Zhongli, his only enviable feature is his ability to crowd control. As a DPS, Venti is not the best and you’re better off using him as a burst or quick-swap DPS.

A majority of characters have been left out of this list or ranked lower because they don’t function as DPS units and are mainly used for their support functionality. One of the most notable changes is that all Electro units have been buffed in general- even those who used to rank mid or in the bottom before. All support or sub-DPS characters belonging to the Hydro and Electro elements have also been buffed.

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