Roblox Robeats: How to Get DJ’s Sword of Agility

The Roblox Robeats season two is finally here and it brings along a plethora of exciting new battles and slick new weapons. In the RB Battles event, players can now win a brand new sword called the DJ’s Sword of Agility. The sword is sought after, but there is currently some confusion on how to claim it. Worry not, we will explain with a stepwise route you can follow to get your hands on this esteemed prize. Keep scrolling to know how to get DJ’s Sword of Agility in Roblox Robeats.  

How to Get DJ’s Sword of Agility in the Roblox Robeats Season Two

Here are four easy steps to get the DJ’s Sword of Agility.

1. Get a Godlike Exclusive Dance

You will have to start by participating in a dancing competition and then follow these steps:

  • Proceed to the main menu and select the “Dances” tab
  • Now click and select the “Dance Settings” option
  • Next, click on “Buy More Dances”

With the last click you will get to a Dance shop in the streets of Robeats. You will find a dance machine inside the shop. With this dance machine, you will have to perform the following dance steps –

Up – Up – Down – Down – Left – Right – Left – Right – B – A

Once you succeed with these easy steps, you will receive a Godlike Exclusive dance as a reward

2. Play Four Songs One After Another

The next quest requires you to play four exclusive songs in a row with the following steps:

  • Go to the main menu and select the “Play” tab.
  • Now select “All My Songs” option
  • Now in the search bar, you will have to find the four songs named below and play them in the order mentioned

1.Roblox Anthem (“Here We Go”), 2.Crab Rave, 3.Wither, 4.Monday Night Monsters (Hard)

Listen to each of these songs till the end and in this order only. And you’re done with Task 2.

3. Enter the Elevator

For the third task, you need to collect 3 items from the Gear Shop.

One’s Heart Blade, Xana’s Street Shades, and Gamer’s Expensive Suit

After purchasing the 3 items, go to the Leaderboard office where you will find the RB Battles icon that indicates that you have completed the third task successfully.

4. Get  the DJ’s Sword of Agility

Now when the icon appears, switch on the elevator. You will now reach the top floor where you will find a platform, on top of which shines the DJ’s Sword of Agility.

Interact a little with the sword and just like that you get yourself the esteemed possession.

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