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Resident Evil Village – How to Use Luiza’s Key

Resident Evil Village - How to Use Luiza’s Key

You may find the Luiza’s Key prior to or after your encounter with the Duke. The Duke provides you some information about the key, which can help you locate it. Players don’t have to struggle much to get hold of the key. For most of you, the key will come as you progress through the story. But when you get the key it’s use isn’t apparent immediately nor does the game revel any of its use. As such, you must be wondering if the Luiza’s Key is important and what it unlocks. Stick with us through the guide and we will share the use of Luiza’s Key in Resident Evil Village.

How to Use Luiza’s Key in Resident Evil Village

Luiza’s House is the one where Elena died and when you return to the house after visiting Castle Dimitrescu, you will find the Luiza’s Necklace on the steps. When you pick the necklace and examine it, you will obtain two objects – the Necklace Stone and Luiza’s Key. You can sell the stone, but the key has a use and you would have walked past it without realizing.

If you open the inventory, the item description does not tell much of the use of the Luiza’s Key. However, if you observe the size of the key and compare it to other keys you would have found, you will notice its significantly smaller, which means it cannot go in doors. The key appears to be a perfect match for chest boxes.

You would have come across the specific chest box that the key fits in while at Lone Road. The exact location is west of the Altar where there are entrances by the southern wall. Go inside and explore the area looking for a red chest. You can use Luiza’s Key to unlock the red chest. Once you unlock the chest, you will find an item that can be sold to obtain a good amount of money.   

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