Outriders Status Effects – How to Remove All Status Effects

Status effects in Outriders are similar to debuff or negative effect that a character or the enemy can be inflicted with. Knowing about the various these effects in the game and the actions that can dispel them can help you avoid severe damage and death of the character. There are various ways to remove Status Effects in Outriders. Some can be disabled by simply moving, performing melee attack, or you can use item mods that grants immunity against certain effects. In this Outriders Status Effects guide, we will tell you about all the Status Effects and how to remove them.

What Every Status Effect Does in Outriders | How to Remove Status Effects

So far in the game, we know of 11 Status Effects that can be divided into primary and secondary. The secondary effects depends on the skill of the character and is tied to the specific path you have chosen for the character. There are 5 primary effects. Here is a brief on what every Status Effect does in Outriders.

Primary Status Effects

Ash Status Effect

Ash and Freeze are two status effects that can render you immobile. To break from the Ash Status Effect, you need to use melee attack. The base effect duration of the Ash is 2.5 seconds. So, when you use Ash on an enemy, it can stop them for 2.5 seconds. Depending on the enemies the effect of Ash can vary. Weapon mods that allow you to inflict Ash is the Tier 1 Ashen Bullets and Pyromancer skills such as Feed the Flames, Ash Blast.

Bleed Status Effect

This is a damage overtime effect and can be countered by standing for the duration of the effect.Weapon mods that allow you to inflict Bleed Effect on Enemies is the Tier 1 Bleeding Bullets. The Devastator’s Class Skills such as Impale and Endless Mass can also inflict bleed.  

Burn Status Effect

Like Bleed, the Burn status effect also deals damage overtime. To remove the effect, you have to dodge-roll. Weapon mods that allow you to inflict Burn effect are Tier 1 Burning Bullets and Hot Blood. Pyromancer’s class skill the Heatwave can inflict the Burn status on enemies.

Freeze Status Effect

While the Ash status effect immobilizes or stops enemies on track for 2.5 seconds, the Freeze Status Effect immobilizes for 3.5 seconds. If you are inflicted by this effect, you can break free by using melee attack. Weapon mods that allow you to inflict Freeze are Tier 1 Snowsquall and Tier 3 Ultimate Freezing Bullets when fired from Absolute Zero.

Toxic Status Effect

Toxic is another effect that deals damage overtime and can be dispelled by applying healing from allies or yourself. Weapon modes that allow you to inflict the effect are Tier 1 Toxic Bullets and Tier 2 Improved Toxic Bullets. Some of Technomancer’s class skill can also inflict this damage.

Secondary Status Effects  

We still do not know much about the secondary status effects. Once we do we will update this post. If you know something that we have missed, share it in the comments for our readers.

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