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New World – How to Not Get AFK Kicked

New World - How to Not Get AFK Kicked

New World’s AFK timer is a pain especially when you have to spend hours in the queue to get to the game. It’s understandable that you have things to do and don’t want to return to the queue. But, before you bypass the AFK timer, we suggest that you only use the methods in emergencies. If a lot of players on a servers bypass the AFK timer, first – it may be reported, second – the game on that server will not be fun for other players. So, use your prudent judgment when using the bypass. Keep reading and we will show you how to not get AFK kicked in New World.

How to Not Get AFK Kicked in New World

There are a lot of ways people try to avoid the AFK kick – through macros, spamming emotes, using the Autoruns button, etc. But unfortunately, none of these workaround work, and you will still be AFK kicked.

The fix that works is to use the W button. The button still works as it would be difficult for the devs to administer this button as the game’s system may faulty kick active players. While we do not guarantee how long this workaround will work, it does the job for now.

The way to do it is to key rebind the W movement key to your mouse and then have the mouse button pressed. You will move forward and keep doing it. Eventually, you will run into an object and be stuck, but the game will still detect you as playing.

So, this is how to not get AFK kicked in New World.  

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