Muck – How to Make a Bow

Muck - How to Make a Bow

Collecting and crafting resources is one of the important parts of the Muck survival game. Luckily, players will have loads of ores and different types of woods. You need to collect these resources and craft several weapons, tools, and armor. In the game of Muck, a Bow is a pretty good backup weapon that you can take advantage of. If it is tough to bring down the bosses, you can use Bows as they are more powerful than a Sword. If you don’t know how to make a Bow in Muck, don’t worry! Here is a complete guide.

How to Make a Bow in Muck

In order to make a Bow, first of all, you will need the following materials for crafting different types of Bows.

1. Wood Bow: 1x Rope & 10x Wood

2. Fir Bow: 1x Rope & 10x Fir Wood

3. Birch Bow: 1x Rope & 10x Birch Wood

4. Oak Bow: 1x Rope & 10x Oak Wood

A step-by-step guide to making a Bow in Muck

Here is a simple and easy step-by-step guide to making a Bow.

1. First of all you will need a workbench so that you can make your Bow on it. So, you will need to craft the table by using the following resources. 

– x25 Birch Wood

– x10 Flint

2. After crafting the fletching table, now it’s time to collect some resources so that you can make Bows. As mentioned above, there are 4 different types of Bows you can craft

3. After collecting essential resources, get x10 Wheat which you need to find around the map which is quite easy. Also, make sure to get x10 which you can craft on the workbench which you have made in the first step. To make bark, only a few kinds of wood you will be needing.

4. Now in the last step, get everything on the table. And then, you will see a Bow. That’s it! Isn’t that simple and easy!

If you do not want to make Bows by yourself, you can also find them in boxes in the Wild of Muck.

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